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Studying Hard, dbl O, and Eng Chok’s 21st April 8, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay y’all. I see my readership has been declining (maggots all of you) because of maybe the following reasons:

  1. No chais on my blog.
  2. The content is becoming uninteresting.
  3. You don’t understand German.
  4. I’m just not popular enough.
  5. No porn or tammy-esque videos.

Either ways. As you probably know by now i’m dedicating some days of my week to studying hard. Yes. I am becoming a closet chao mugger toad, as we used to refer to those retards during NJC days. Can you imagine it?! It’s not as if school is…erm…bad enough…they just make it worse. Geez. HAHAHA.Yes but i’m not reading specific notes or whatever, instead i must be reading some kind of ancient tome called ‘The History of Western Philosophy.’ Wow. Makes me look like a fucking scholar. Or like fucking Mr. Intelligent. I spent like 3 hours poring over that tome on ancient Greek philosophy. It’s pretty cool! Did you know that Pythagoras considered himself a demi-god? Here’s something for you to chew on…

There are gods, and men, and beings like Pythagoras.

I can’t believe he said that of himself. But oh well. Maybe that’s Ancient Greece for you. An interesting mix of Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian science and theology. But anyway, i think he must be quite space, since his religion explicitly forbade the consumption of beans. HAHA…and that’s not bullshit!

Anyway, eng chok celebrated his 21st yesterday at dbl O. So myself, himself, jingliu, ivan, greg and 2 more guys (sorry i don’t remember your names that well…) trooped down to Mohammed Sultan to club the night away. It was good in a sense, caz we all danced a lot, and drank some. But it was sad in a sense, too…caz…

  1. We didn’t get high enough. (No, Bacardi 151 + fags didn’t do it. hrrrmph.)
  2. There weren’t really any chais around! Not so lah, but…all of them seemed booked. Sigh.
  3. The music wasn’t awesome. Sorry, aber ich persönlich stehe nicht so ganz auf R&B.
  4. Too much smoke! I mean, not fag smoke. They were like pumping dry ice onto the dance floor…well…a bit too much i think…urgh.

I guess, however, that what’s important is our brother. Happy 21st, eng chok. See you at the factory on Monday. HAHA. One thing i discovered about the lights on the dancefloor…they really make everyone look better. HAHAHAHA.

Also managed to dance with/pick up this not-so-bad one…but still it didn’t work out. No dice with the number. Bah. Better luck next time! Just got arrowed by melvyn to organise clubbing…How does next Saturday sound? My german friend, pepe is in Singapore so let’s go clubbing sial! Don’t forget, boys…have ang mor = have more chai! HAHA!



1. melvyn - April 9, 2006

i didn’t arrow you. Boss arrowed me to arrow you. it’s weird how at 9pm on a saturday night, you can receive a message saying “yo are u clubbing tonight?” from boss – cpt sim for the unaware.

haha i actually stopped clubbing for nearly 2 weeks…. i think.

2. guojun - April 9, 2006

nice one siang ju…HAHAHAHAHA…okay okay next sat.

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