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The Girl Next Door April 5, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

 katemel_243x243.jpgSay yummy already!

Okay. Apart from that little bit of visual candy up there…So! What do you understand by the Girl Next Door? It could either be the hot babe who really does live next door and who you lust after every night when you're all by yourself. It could also be the not-so-hot girl who lives next door, but who's always there to give advice when 1) you've got a hot date coming up, 2) you don't understand your girlfriend 3) you just want to gain an insight into how women think and 4) you just want to get into her panties.

Either way, this Girl Next Door concept has been taken up by many men's lifestyle magazines as a regular column written by a women for men, who generally have a very poor knowledge of the female psyche (excluding a certain few Casanovas) so that they can gain some insight into the irregular and sometimes shocking behaviour of their female counterparts.

No, they don't have to look especially pretty (although good looks are a plus point, especially if the Girl Next Door is particularly adventurous…) all the magazine editorials are looking for is someone who is, of course, female, who writes reasonably well (in a way which appeals to a mind fuelled by testosterone, alcohol, and red meat) and well, you don't have to have a Ph.D in Psychologie or Interpersonal Relationships, all you need is really an open mind and an understanding soul (or that's what they're portrayed to be like.)

I'll bet the pay is rather good, and hey, you get to read letters from geeks which go to the tune of:

Q: everytime me and my girlfriend have sex she has vaginal farts. How do i preserve the quality of sex when i feel like laughing all the time?
A: go screw yourself, asshole.

Q: i have this date with the girl of my dreams. It freaks me out just to think of it. How do i not botch this up?
A: Confidence, confidence! Be natural and not what you think she wants you to be. Women can tell a mile off if you're being fake or not.

yadda, yadda. I can't give you all the examples, can i?!



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