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Deutsch ist komisch eyy! April 5, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I tell you, something's wrong these days. I can't put my finger on it, but something wrong.

Especially when it comes to German.

Okay, okay, i'll admit it. You all think i'm a german god. Sometimes i feel like one. But these days i'm feeling more like a german dawg. I think i'm amongst the Spitzengruppe in my Oberstufe class (but that sounds so egoistic/bastard) but when it comes to speaking with native speakers i seem to be so inconfident. It was like that with pepe, it was like that with schraudy and i don't know how it's gonna be like during my Unterricht. I mean its like i think it's better during my Unterricht at Goethe because i'm more confident? It's like i know that my German is THERE. (ok i really sound like an ass here but i'm trying to be very honest with myself and everyone here.)

The thing when i speak with native speakers is that sometimes i find myself speaking faster than i can think. That's bad. Then i stutter at the end, weil mir die Wörter fehlen. It's horrible. As reuben said, i have to either 1) train my mind to think faster or 2) slow down my talking or 3) leave my insecurities at home.

I don't know man. Maybe i should really take 3. samantha hat schon seit einer Monat versucht, mich gegen Unsicherheit zu impfen. Maybe things'll look up. Today on the bus into town, there was this old couple who were sitting next to me and talking in German all along. I think the man saw me reading Faust and asked,

'Kennen Sie Deutsch?'

And i said ja aber nicht so ganz gut and so we went on. For once everything felt natural. I didn't grope for words. I guess i'm just giving myself pressure. Turns out he's a Deutschlehrer at a Gymnasium in München! HAHAHA. To him, 'Faust 10-mal, sogar 1000-mal zu lesen macht immer Spass, weil ich jedes Mal alles neu für die Schülern vorbereiten muss.'

Sigh. I think teachers over there are really dedicated. I mean, my German teachers (schraudolph and currently schaumann) are like the only people who really go out of their way to help. Like, linda (schaumann) actually offered to correct our own essays and stuff! Schraudy actually took time off today to give me a short Studienberatung (counseling regarding my studies) even when she was having Unterricht. She feels that i've made the right choice by saying that Deutsch als Fremdsprache should be one of my HF only and that if i go to Heidelberg, the Philosophie/DaF (2 Hauptächer) combination is much much more useful than the Literaturwissenschaft/Sprachwissenschaft/Philo (1 Hauptfach + 2 Nebenfächer) combination, caz it gives for better Berufschancen. Either way, that's how it's gonna look like. DaF should be a full Hauptfach, like what samantha is doing and not a Nebenfach in a Germanistikstudium. I don't think you'd find many teachers who are like that in Singapore. Many are just the SAF attitude: Serve and Fuck Off.

Hopefully i can make a difference. Just a small change in the macrocosm. It won't cause huge ripples, just making a change to those who matter.




1. taryn - April 6, 2006

schraudy v the lepers (2003) and ors. [2003] 1 NJCLR 1

the defendant teaches german in njc. she was the resident german teacher when the 2003 batch of lepers went into the german LEP programme. according to the plaintiffs, during the two year course she terrorised the lepers overall so much so that they hated her. she pleaded the defence of provocation, claiming that the plaintiffs terrorised her instead.

(lady justice yap)
i find that she terrorised some lepers more and some lepers less, based on their german language ability. this is obvious discrimination and biasness under the German Language Teachers Act, Cap. 1969 rev. ed. sing (GLTA). to her merit she took time off to counsel some of the students on their university choice after they graduated, but this does not detract from the fact that she terrorised the lepers. the defence of provocation must be struck down as she fails the test. instances of provocation towards the plaintiffs have been admitted in court and i am particularly disturbed by a particular incident in which she lost her temper and flung a plastic folder on a table, with the folder almost flying into someone’s eye. this act, independent of the defendant being a german language teacher, to a reasonable man is highly dangerous and could cause potential blindness, opening up a cause for another action by the plaintiffs. this act, to my mind, can only prove that she is insensitive and has failed to discharge her duties to the best of her abilities as set out under the GLTA. i award judgment to the plaintiffs. the defendant is hereby ordered to compensate the (poor terrorised) plaintiffs for emotional trauma and stress caused to them by the defendant.

2. Sam - April 6, 2006

Sorry to correct your German, but it’s “seit einem Monat”…cos it’s “seit + Dativ” and it’s “der Monat”. I know she was demanding, but if not for her, my German would suck big time now.

3. guojun - April 6, 2006

*grin* Verbesserung kann ich immer.

And well tar i know you are up in arms now…

4. taryn - April 6, 2006

hi sam! 🙂

haha, no everyone’s entitled to their own opinions…

just that i hate that horrid person till she apologises for unfairly accusing me of poisoning the rest against p.r.i.s.c.i.l.l.a. and if there’s one thing i hate in this world its pple unfairly accusing me.

full stop. 🙂

hope you’re doing fine!

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