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Airport Farewells. April 3, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Yes, that's airport farewells. With a full stop. I don't know why, but the full-stop seems to add an air of finality to things, doesn't it? A full-stop is something which students leave out during their essays, a FULL-STOP on ships means to bring a ship to a halt, and a full-stop can also mean closure of a chapter in someone's life, the end of a story, the end of a saga. No, the fat lady can sing for all she wants.

So today samantha flew. Aber so viele ist zwischendurch passiert! That big war we had, and then patching it up. I would've gladly asked for more advice from her, seeing that i'm going in all by myself and all, but taking into consideration all that's happened…i suppose i'm just happy that it's all over. It's a closure of some sorts, i guess.

Managed to talk with sherry some and then just make idle chatter before she went in…it's kinda funny caz her uncle has suddenly turned shutter-crazy (was he beforehand? If so, i stand corrected.) He was like…oh let's take pictures of EVERYTHING! HAHA well but i suppose it was fun. It's always fun to take pictures or be a camera slut!

It kinda makes me think, though. I wonder who'll be at my farewell. Let's see…samantha definitely will be there, i suppose…my very own Studienberaterin lei! Don play-play ah, i tell you. kah yee…bestest buddy, will you be there? my brothers, will you see one of you go? ween, shall i see you there? army dudes, is this goodbye forever? And who else shall i see on that fateful day?

One thing, though. Driving to the airport is a damn therapeutic experience. Once you get on the Autobahn, just accelerate to 85km/h, and what else can go wrong when Laith al-Deen's Jetzt, Hier, Immer is playing when you're zipping through the landscapes of Singapore, from the vast greenery of Upper Bukit Timah to the rectangular HDB blocks in the East? And then to the airport? Man. I can like make a fucking MTV out of it already. Aye. The only gripe is that my car not enough power lah, go up bridges must go down to 4th gear. Hai.

Maybe i must zhng my car!



1. Sam - April 3, 2006

eh, we take the same flight lah…then dun need to anyone send anyone else off!! Please??? I want company! I am scared of turbulence ūüė¶ Nearly got a couple of heart attacks last night, considering we spent nearly the whole flight in multiple bouts of turbulence.

Oh erm, so are you a sex god or not??? Haha!

2. guojun - April 3, 2006

i’m not a sex god. maybe a sex dog. HAHAHA.

The thing is unless you’re willing to go to heidelberg with me i’m going by meself next term…right? but yes in the future i can fly with you…:) no worries lah. I also kena xiong turbulence on my flight to NZ.

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