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The Power of Faith, and Why You Should Dream April 1, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

What do you understand by the saying 'Keep the faith?'

Does it mean that you should believe in God all over again? Does it mean that you should believe that Destiny has its own path? Does it mean that you should believe, not knowing what exactly to believe in?

What is Faith?

I'll attempt to generalise here. For some, it's the belief in God.

*Yours truly here is a pantheist – one god for all, and yes to me he's just called the Man Upstairs. Like a omniscient tenant who knows exactly what you're doing at home, be it screwing the missus at 12 noon, or staying home from work just because you didn't want to go to work today, or the day you dashed a Ming vase to the floor in a rage attack…

For some, it's the belief that things will sort themselves out. That things which are uncertain are mainly left up to Destiny. That's perhaps true to some extent, but not all, for Destiny is partially up to us to dictate as well. Think that our lives are just a game of the Gods? Perhaps. But that's a kind of blind faith that we're trying to avoid.

Faith is, perhaps, the feeling, the knowledge, that things are gonna work themselves out. Be it for better, or for worse, faith is knowing that things will come to a close. And then you'll move on. Of course this materialises in many forms. Some feel that faith is an understanding between yourself and The Guy Upstairs that he will take care of everything. But he will not. Understand that this is also a kind of blind faith. Perhaps he will light your way, but then again he may forsake you. God helps those who helps themselves.

For me, faith is all about knowing that you'll move on. It's key to putting aside your insecurities for awhile. Just know that sooner or later you'll get over it, and you'll still be alive – unless maybe you're going for an operation to install an artificial heart. I'd be worried.

If you think that faith, with a capital F, is the name of a hot chick you'd like to have wild sex with, i think you should stop injecting testosterone into your brain and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Now, why should one dream? For some, dreams are nutrition; especially for authors, playwrights, and all those who depend on a creative, active mind for a living – dreams could be the very beginning of a wildly successful career. Others feed on dreams, because they have nothing else to feed on – illegal immigrants, feeding on their dreams on a better life in a faraway place, work hard to save up and make the trip. A starving child dreams of a castle in the sky where there is all the candy floss he/she can eat.

For some, dreams are Hell. Dreams are, for them, something which recurs time and time again; be it feeling abject terror from just a tiny ant, or maybe a freaky operation (maybe you have been abducted by aliens here) or maybe failing that Math examination, or even maybe dreaming of your BSM calling you back to camp for SOC (hahahah jun kiat you NOOB WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) they refer to a particularly traumatic experience in the past – be it a heartbreak, a phobia of ants, a phobia of your BSM, or an alien abduction – but like all bad things, it stays in the mind – forgiven, but not forgotten.

Dreams are very powerful things. They can forge mindsets, just as they can break minds. They can set concrete goals, or they may just be El Dorado, the mystical land of riches. In Sandman, when morpheus goes to Hell to recover one of his artefacts, Lucifer bars his way, asking him what power dreams held in a hopeless realm such as Hell. Morpheus replied simply:

'What power would Hell have if its inhabitants could not dream of Heaven?'

Here is yet another aspect of dreams which you can consider. Dreaming of something, but yet knowing that physically you will never make it is torture. Emotional torture, especially for those who think that they can make a difference. For those who accept their lot, it's something else – the dream remains a chimera. But for those who feel that they should step out and do something, it's that sense of defeat which sets them back time and time again. However, those who dare to dream and who dare to say that they can make a difference are those who normally will.

Everyone has dreams of greatness – it's up to you if you want to act upon them. It's you who will decide if they become reality, of if they remain as delusions of grandeur.

Ed: for all you hot-blooded males there, don't act upon your wet dreams. You'd probably get involved with a minor and yes that's a jailable offence in our FINE CITY, SINGAPORE. Good night.



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