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In der Gang D zu fahren March 31, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Man. My brain must have not been functioning correctly today. Somehow i couldn't shift into German mode…HAHAHA…as if there's such a thing, but i don't know. Lack of energy today. Must've been the bowling first thing in the morning. And the work with Goethe in the afternoon. I mean, it shouldn't be this difficult…well it wasn't lah. But the fact that i was trying to smoke my teacher could've been it.

Reading the chapter 'Prolog im Himmel', i suddenly got the impression that the life of Faust was actually just a game of the gods, a contract between God and Mephistopheles (here the embodiment of the Devil) – but then again, isn't everyone's life a game of the gods? Well, you can certainly choose to see things that way, but then wouldn't life lose its meaning? Alles den Göttern zu überlassen – geht das? Mephisto also mentioned that the gift of God to humanity – that of reason – actually made Man more animalistic than any animal. I'm sure you'll find parallels of it in today's world – just read the newspapers! It was also interesting to see that Mephisto is actually still a child of God – that he admits that he is less powerful than God – i wonder what this means.

Still, my interest is aroused…i'm quite intrigued by all this. Maybe i'll go read Faust anyway. (Oh, if only i understood more of old German…O liiiiive Lait!) I want to see how Faust was tempted. Why did he sell his soul for the sake of knowledge? Was it all worth it? I don't know…well, as if you did anyway! HAHAHAHA!

Anyhows, so i've brought some german books for schraudy. Well, even if there was enmity between us…that's already 3 years ago…well, of course she shouldn't have treated us like dawgs but i guess it's time to move on, isn't it? Forgiven, not forgotten. Anyhows. It seems she wasn't in town! FUCK! But oh well i had quite a nice time talking with those IP students. It seems that the German 'O' Level has been replaced by Zertifikat Deutsch in NJC…it's a degree which is offered by the Goethe-Institut, by the way – it's supposed to show that you're cleared die Mittelstufe des Deutschlernens so yeah. That kinda figures. Oberstufe is really, really for 'A' Levels – it's only there that you really learn about culture and the works.

Anyhow, i just found out that we were the last batch of LEPers to go to Venedig! (Venice, for the uninitiated.) OMGWTFweweresosobloodylucky, weren't we? Sigh. Yes, i'm a 100% Europhile. Ich liebe Venedig, ich liebe Berlin, ich liebe Altensteig und die Umgebung, i like almost anything european. I'll bet that i'll find a way to fall in love with Heidelberg as well. Sigh.

Coming back, i think my brains were out of whack today. Not that i was slipping up in my German (in some ways i did) but oh wells, maybe it happens. Also managed to talk to the Beraterin from the DAAD today! Well, so now i've a checklist to do:

  1. Lebenslauf schreiben
  2. Nachchecken, ob ich mich schon bei manche Unis anmelden kann
  3. Mich beim Ausbildungsministerium (MOE) melden
  4. Mir ein Visum schaffen

That should be it. Time seems to be running out although i still have 3 and a half months. Damn…Stressful sia!


And here are the answers to yesterday's questions.

1. No. 1 means to micturate and no. 2 to, well, shit.
2. e.g. = exempli gratia.
3. schadenfreude
– joy at the suffering of others.
4. A semi-automatic gearbox doesn't have a clutch, but it has a manual stick-shift. You disengage the clutch by pulling a pedal near the steering wheel.
5. R.S.V.P. = répondez, s'il vous plaît – reply, please. So, please R.S.V.P. = please reply, please. Tautology!
6. It means…all same-same lah.




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