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Transamerica and Pop Quizzes March 28, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So i met samantha for some Transamerica today. It's kinda…disturbing, i must say, seeing all the anguish our hero/-ine has to go through for his/her son. All the efforts to prevent him from knowing that that's his father he's looking at there…and having to bottle it up until the very moment that his/her son tries to seduce him/her, knowing full well that well…he's a chix with d*x! Sigh. But i guess that being the son, that must've really, really fucked things up. The poor dude.

Still, samantha really had a good laugh at my supposed lack of general knowledge, although she admits that maybe she's watching too much TV. But it got me thinking. What is GK? Is it just a bunch of useless fun facts? Anyhow, here are a seriesbattery of questions for you. No answers are provided…maybe the next entry!

1. What's No.1 and No.2? (Hint: Diuretics make you wanna do it, and it's NOT a type of military dress code.)
2. What does e.g. actually stand for, in full? (Hint: It's in Latin!)
3. Define 'schadenfreude.'
4. How does a semi-automatic gearbox work? (Think Alfa Romeo's Selespeed…etc)
5. What are the roots of R.S.V.P.? Why is the phrase 'Please RSVP' tautology?
6. What's the meaning of the phrase '半斤八俩?'

Answers to come!



1. forest. - March 30, 2006

The answer to all six questions is actually a word. N tat is GOOGLE.
‘ding dong ding dong!!’

2. guojun - March 30, 2006

waaaa forest~ zhen cong ming! HAHAHA ok 300 points for u =P

3. jj - March 30, 2006

in uni, we turn to wikipedia first. lolz

4. guojun - March 30, 2006

actually wiki is better but wiki sometimes gives you info overload. not good.

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