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Sauerkraut weit weg genommen! March 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

After pubbing with the dudes last night, i was happily sitting on bus route 77
home. I was having a nice buzz after some champagne, a Maï Taï, a
couple of fags, and the Söhne Mannheims playing on my iPod. I wasn't
trying to *think*, because thinking per se would only lead me down one particular road of thought.


Soon this seat opposite me (i sit in the 2nd front row, which has 2
rows of seats facing each other, for the uninitiated) was occupied by
this lady. I'd say she was maybe in her late 30s? But anyhow, that's besides the point. The point of it all was her countenance.

She was staring at everyone like she was gonna stretch her jaws wide
and swallow them whole. Well okay that's not really that bad is it? How
shall i describe it…she looked SAUERKRAUT-ish. Or maybe like a fish?
Or that's the impression i got. Well, that's one person who definitely looks out of place on a bus, à la a fish out of water. Well, if she just looked like that i'm sure i wouldn't even bother to blog it at all.


There was this thing about her which i found, well, wrong.
This dude standing at maybe her 4 o'clock (you know how buses are on
Saturday evenings – worse than sardine cans) may have banged into her
inadvertently as the bus turned and such, and she was like staring at
him with those HUMONGOUS eyes, even after he apologised. I was mildly
amused then…but after that she was like herself versus The Bus.

Goodness. At the KAP bus-stop, these two girls came on and well i
moved somewhat to let them through…and then she stared AT ME. I was
like…*double-take* WTF?!?! Hello…i certainly didn't touch your
expensive $10000 clothes did i? OMG did my white Adidas Superstar shoes
accidentally stain your black dress pants white? NO RIGHT?! THEN WHY ARE YOU SO HYPERSENSITIVE?!

Of course, i didn't ask about any skin problems, or maybe she's
suffering under the condition that the slightest touch causes extreme
pain (it exists. Go and google it, or
read some medical journals.) And so she moved to the back, which, while
causing me great optical relief, was actually rather disturbing inside.
I felt like…

WHAT THE FUCK. As if she's too good for us. If she's really that good,
she should be flying Air Force One back home instead of taking
lowly bus route 77, don't you think? So it's not really a reason for
you to enforce your cruddy mood on everyone. The guy sitting next to me
also heaved a visible sigh of relief. Man. Talk about no love in the
world anymore. And yes, i apologised, if that made you better. If you
would rather we didn't dirty your $10000 clothes then you could've
remained standing and waited for a seat in the back already!

Man. Maybe it's as melvyn would say, Air Force One is down for PMCS. HAHAHA.

Still. I've had quite enough of bad moods and angry people. Going
running later! Hopefully some fresh air will do me some good…



1. innersmile - March 27, 2006

yeah… run!
runs end, running doesn’t.
fresh air and endorphins make guojun a happy boy! 🙂
more mugging on thursday?

2. guojun - March 27, 2006

i don’t mind. not at all. but i want free parking!

by the way. i can’t run anymore. will have to train on weekends/tues/thurs mornings (if my work doesn’t waste me)

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