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Only Love Can Break Your Heart March 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

‘But only love can break your heart, try to be sure right from the start, yes, only love can break your heart, what if your world should fall apart?’
The Corrs, Only Love Can Break Your Heart

How true. How so fucking true. What is love?

For some, love = lust. Love is a four letter word, ranking amongst, shit, fuck, etc. Love may be the sweetest thing ever on Earth. Love may be a drug. Love may be an object of desire, hic et nunc, but nothing more. Love may transcend death. Love may be a heartbreaker. Some claim love to be their raison d’être. What’s love to you?

For me, love breaks and love divides. Love laughs, yet she makes one cry. Love can give, and she can take. Love can re-kindle an extinguished heart, just like she buries them in the dead of the night. To describe love with a variety of D’s, let’s just use the family of the Endless, if you read The Sandman. Love is Destiny. Death. Dream. Desire. Delusion. Delight. Delirium. Despair. And a lot more.

And only love can break your heart. For you metal fans out there, who have heard of the group H.I.M.

The Funeral of Hearts?

taryn just put me into emo mood, what with all that’s been happening these past few days. I’ve bowled, drank, fagged, sighed, thought hard, listened to the Schmusepapst like 4 times over, read, wrote, and then some. But one thing remains:

I’m still thinking about what happened on Thursday. I’m still riding The Guilt Express.

What i wrote you still stands. Unless you don’t want to see me for the next 4 months. I’m okay with that. It’s not gonna be easy, es wird mir Weh tun, aber wenn es so sein musst, dann tue ich das. Perhaps we both need time. It’s come to the point where sometimes when i talk to you, i don’t know whether you’ll explode the next second or not. It’s come to the point that we’re already so familiar (but yet so alien), that when we talk there’s nothing substantial. It’s come to the point that everytime you return home, i will find some way to piss you off, one way or another.

Is it that bad? Do i have too many failings, or am i just unfit to please you? I know you’ve been really, really nice to me by helping me get all my stuff home, getting stuff for my DSH, and all, but i don’t know what i can do to make things right. I don’t know what i can do to make you happy deep down. I REALLY don’t want to see you upset anymore, yet sometimes what i do is akin to rubbing salt into your wounds. And in doing so i get upset myself. And it’s destructive.

Neue Wege finden? Eine neue Welt entdecken? Die Tage rinnen durch unsere Hände. Was schaffen wir noch, wenn 10000 Kilometer zwischen uns liegen? Du musst mir nicht glauben; das ist, was ich noch sagen wollte.



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