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Quantum Physics Takes You to Hell March 24, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

A bad start to the day (or make that two bad starts) makes for a really rotten day overall.

So i was awakened at about 7 with a splitting atomic-class headache wishing i was dead. NO, it’s not the fags. Must’ve been working hard the past 2 days, not getting enough sleep, and add on to that a bowling session with kelvin. So i popped a pill and went back to lie down…thinking that re-positioning my body in the comfortable horizontal position would do me some good.

Well, perhaps it worked too well.

When i woke up again it was 0830. That’s a quick recovery, you may say, but i was beginning to feel like today would be a horrible, horrible day. How true.

You see, i was supposed to meet samantha for breakfast AT EIGHT today. And yes she got there and i didn’t. I slept through Dragostea Din Teï and probably a few more repeats of that song. I called her immediately but i was feeling so drowsy that she was just like…’whyn’t you call me back when you’re fully awake?!’ but i just felt that i HAD to explain what happened. What’s worse is the following:

1. I know her well enough not to do such things…(stehen bleiben kotzt sie richtig an)
2. I probably sounded too drowsy to be coherent, which probably pissed her off all the more
3. I should have called the moment i took the pill

Yes, that’s the reasons, in briefs. I still feel super rotten…but GUESS WHAT!

I have to be punished, according to her…well…treat makan can liao…? NO…apparently the way she describes it, it’s gonna be much, much worse…

*thinks about being trussed up and being bitch-slapped about…*
‘You like that huh bitch?’
‘Come on give me the alphabet the other way around’*SLAP*
‘What’s 25×25??’*PINCH*
*ambulance sirens*
gulp. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

I mean, wth. It’s like those games where all you want to do is to make sure the other party SUFFERS. Was it really that bad?! Well, i mean, bad means different things to different people, so, yeah i guess i earned it. Whatever cooks your noodle…after all, you pay for murder with your life don’t you? (although i still can’t believe that well…you could be THAT sadistic. What happened to giving people a chance man…)

This is a syndrome or phenomenon called quantum physics. It’s not what you study at the university…it’s something melvyn and myself came up observing the sleeping patterns of forest when we WERE soldiers. Apparently forest closes his eyes and when he opens them again, 2 yearshours have passed. Apparently i’ve made one more discovery, being the scientific geniussloth that i am, about quantum physics:

If you experience quantum physics when you have a date coming up, you better wake up your fucking idea! Quantum physics can also be a one-way ticket to Purgatory.

Also discovered that you have less chances once your friendship becomes closer. I mean, yeah. I didn’t have a chance. So, children, if you want to have close friends, you better fucking make sure that you do not GOOF UP in front of them!

Yes, samantha, i’m your biatch now. Until i pay my dues, at least…ich hab das alles wirklicht nicht gewollt! sigh.

It’s gotta be some kind of karma. Payback for all the bad things you did as an officer, maggot!

And to all those guys who see me as a shame to men around the world…go fuck yourselves. Although what i did was WRONG, don’t tell me it’s never happened to you before. It’s only that brothers are more forgiving…since when have i ever blown up at you, reuben, when you’re late? And for that reason you’ve never blown up in my face, either. But i can’t go around waving a banner with ‘Bros before ‘Hos!‘ emblazoned on it, can i?

Man. i’m swimming with sharks. So help me, whoever happens to be listening.



1. sam - March 24, 2006

I never thought it possible, but you just managed to piss me off even more. YOU were the one who told me to stop giving him chances…and now you wanna plead that when YOU forget our meeting? Well, I’m sorry, I’ve learnt all too well from you. As you mentioned correctly, it PISSES me off when people think I have all the time in the world to sit around waiting for people who never show up. The fact that YOU know that makes the whole mistake even more unforgiveable. You think I’m being cruel? Well, you have never been me. And NO, I’ve never stood anyone up…EVER and I am practically never late…so I’m not setting standards that I can’t fulfil myself. I’d rather be friendless and alone than keep torturing myself with people who don’t take me seriously. I am nobody’s toy. If you don’t get that, please stay far far away from me.

2. The Truth - March 24, 2006

i NEVER treated you as a toy…because you’re certainly not one…and nor do i intend to treat you as one. And i’m not accusing you of setting standards you can’t meet…

Yes, I fucked up. I’ll admit that i fucked up and i am more than willing to suffer the consequences.

I’ll talk to you in private.

3. forest. - March 30, 2006

Guess im featured in GuoJun’s blog as a supporting actor for his watver “quatum physics” screwed up theory of his. Walao. Dun act like as if I’m the only one whu SLEEPS during office hrs in army. Everybody does.

P.S e next time when u want to include me in your blog, make me the main actor. 🙂

4. guojun - April 4, 2006

Okay forest…one day you will be a star!

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