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Beyond Redemption? March 24, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Maybe i truly am.

I always write stuff that pisses people off. It’s not that i do it intentionally, but it happens.

And i always fuck up and, although i apologise, end up muddying the waters further.


Maybe i should, as captain francis would put it, HANG MYSELF.



1. taryn - March 25, 2006

hello dear. DON’T YOU DARE. *hug*

i don’t know what you did, but come on, things ain’t ever as bad as they seem!

hang in there!

2. guojun - March 25, 2006

och, taryn. Nice of you to drop by. =) i don’t know when/how things’ll get better. just waiting and seeing…

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