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and Everything Comes Back March 23, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Isn’t it amazing/amusing how things have a knack of fading away in your memory slowly, and then coming back to you in a rush of nostalgia/blood to the head?

I just went bowling with kelvin at this new alley…i don’t know the name of the place, but still. I was re-examining my release (my Ace has somehow lost its characteristic dive from the right gutter into the pocket/cross-pocket) when i re-adopted what johnny taught me when i first got my Ace…and guess what! With more practice and a more consistent laying down point, my Ace actually does dive for the pocket! Well, it’s not exactly a coast-to-coast shot, but the hook is a lot more pronounced. And yes it crushes the pocket like crazy (when it’s on target that is.)

On one hand, i’m superduperwayoverthemoon happy because i’ve finally found back my release. My Ace isn’t just a hard-hitting ball anymore, it’s a hard-hitting ball with an attitude. My Scout is reduced to spare shooting, with which i tend to throw a spinner. The accuracy could be improved, but that’s not the point.


On the other hand, this makes me really really gian to train hard so i can impress chai. Not that there were many of them at bowling alleys anyway, and not that i can jio chai to go bowling with me anyway (i’m just too unpopular. HAHAHA) but yes there’s that wicked surge of satisfaction when you see your ball run along the gutter and then move into the pocket, sending those pins flying…HOOOOOOAH!

Samantha tan has also been making a comeback in my limited memory space. I was reading MindYourBody when her fridge was being featured on ‘What Skeletons do You Keep in Your Fridge?’ or something like that, and well i was going OMGWTF…SHE’S BAAAAAACKK! *swoons* I’m not exactly her No. 1 fan, but i’m a fan nonetheless. You go, girl. And just when she was fading out of my memory (and probably out of everyone else’s memory since she’s been a no-show since Be With Me) she just has to return.

OMG…a song is rattling about in my head right now just thinking about it.

you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain
too much of love drives a man insane
you want my will? or just a thrill?

Pucker up again, girl…you can either kiss a hot babe or kiss myself. HAHAHAHAHAHA.



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