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Manual Transmission Makes Me Go YOSH! March 22, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So, Leute.

As most of you probably know by now (well not exactly most…it was more or less a closed secret) i have gotten myself (read: my poppa was extremely nice and got me) a 9-year-old Nissan March 1.0MT! Well, it was in good condition and was going for just 14k inclusive of insurance…which meant, in other words, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!


After driving my mom’s car around…i have come to the conclusion that automatic transmission cars are boring. I have also come to the conclusion that drivers are really scary people. I am one myself. And so i hereby devote myself to the cult of people who worship manual transmission cars for any particular reason, until the day i am no longer able to handle the clutch anymore.

Thank goodness my dad got me a manual car. You can see what happens to people when, despite having learnt how to drive a manual, have been weaned on automatic. For example, kah yee. (i shall elaborate no further.)

But still…it’s damn shiok rushing down half of the Seven Turns Road (the one which connects Buona Vista and West Coast) at 3rd gear, switching down and up as the turns come and go. Excitement! And the feeling you could be the next Initial D. HAHAHAHAHA…

I hope this car and myself will survive the next 5 months. I pray i’ll become a more disciplined driver, only pulling stunts when i want to (and not unconsciously…so far, so good) I pray i’ll be driving manual until i’m 40. I pray someone’ll get me an Impreza WRX or a GT-R. Or an Aston Martin (now that’d be awesome…)

Either way, guys out there fussing over whether to learn to drive manual or automatic, listen to this: GO MANUAL. Automatics are for the ladies (and the ladies amongst you men too,) and you should be ashamed of yourselves one day when you see the hottest babe on the road, only to discover that she drives a manual and yourself, an automatic.

Hooray for equality of the sexes!



1. jiayi - March 22, 2006

i wasn’t tt bad lor…
NEVER stall engine despite not having manual-ed for more than a year!
and yes, manual is exciting 🙂

2. guojun - March 22, 2006

Yes, i’m proud of you too. Love!

And hell yeah manual ROXX MY SOXXX~ hahaha omg i’m just such a die-hard fan.

3. melvyn - March 23, 2006

WTF. your dad bought you a car?!
you rich, lucky sonofagun!
haha i’m realizing the joys of driving a manual car..
ever heard of 4 chops in one lesson?
i’m a manual-driver extraordinaire!

4. The Truth - March 23, 2006

it’s dirt cheap, man…
and for your info, i got 4 chops at STAGE 3. HAHAHAHAHA

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