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ich bin wieder neu geboren! March 14, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, Leute, time for me to change my facts. I was re-born on 14th March, 2006 as a civilian (after two years and two months of an unexplained disappearance.) And what a good feeling it is! In hindsight, it was really one hell of a ride, huh? But let’s not digress into what happened over the past 2 years (i think i’ve written it before somewhere already.)

Today, i got back my Pink I/C. HOOOOOOAH that was such an absolutelyfantabulouslygodlike feeling. All that mooning after the colour pink has finally paid off. Strangely, you don’t feel a rush of exhilaration run through your body when you get back that identity card, just like i didn’t feel that super-duper-oh-my-goodness-give-me-somemore-cocaine-now high when i passed my driving. It’s strange and anticlimatic. And it’s also not the feeling of relief, that OMG it’s finally all over. I just feel…strangely normal. Sigh.

But anyway, it is a new beginning…time to become a civilian again…although we’ll still be called back for ICT…man…what a prospect…but it’ll be cool seeing the guys again during ICT. HAHAHA it’s engaging to see people change with the years and before you know it we’ll all be 40, wrinkly and in our number 4s for the last time (HELL YEAH LET’S GET ANCIENT LIKE NOOOOWWW) but i have a feeling that we’ll always be friends.

Just that we have no locators.

See you all in 5 years’ time, dawgs! And well…it’s been one hell of a ride. Thank you for being part of the story.

I sure as Hell wasn’t a hero, but i served in a battery full of them.

And now it’s time for me to wander the new world. Yeah…resurrection rules! HAHAHA!

Watch out, worldladies! There are more young hot-blooded men out in the streets…



1. jayjay - March 15, 2006

ord was a very quiet affair for us too… refer to


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