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Die Frage ‘Wie?’ March 11, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

“Hauptsache sei, man kommt irgendwann an, doch für mich bliebt die Frage ‘Wie?'”
-Laith al-Deen, Die Frage Wie

What a true statement that is. Everyone gets there at some point of time, everyone reaches his/her zenith at some point of time…but the question to ask is, really, ‘How do you get there?’ Did you walk a path fraught with danger, or were you born with a silver spoon? Was life a dense bush of brambles and thorns, or was it smooth like a baby’s bottom?

At a point which is more towards my nadir than my zenith, i’m looking at the road ahead contemplating my options and the path which i’m going to take. The stink of all this contemplation is the realisation, however, that even if the book of Destiny were chained to my wrist, that i am in the driver’s seat. I’m going to write my own destiny (for your information, the Book of Destiny is continously being written…and it’s more of a concept than an actual object.) After 20 years of having my life driven, i’m now at a crossroads. It’s time for me to go and study what i wish to study, time for me to find my raison d’être and live it.

I can’t believe it. It’s like finally stepping through a door into a greenest of open fields, stretching out infinitely. Could this be the gardens through which i must wander, to finally find my path?

The question of ‘how’ is something which everyone ought to pay attention to, but which many people of our generation sadly don’t. I’m not saying most don’t – that would be a gross generalisation (which i am hopefully more wiser to try and avoid these days) but the fact is that many don’t. So many people out there, insbesonders die, die zur Zeit an der Uni sind, denken nicht grad daran, wie sie alles schaffen werden.

These aren’t dumb/silly/stupid people. Are they too preoccupied with schoolwork? Or is university to them like JC part 2, let’s not worry so much ’bout the next 20 years i’m gonna spend at my desk? i mean, i’m not at any uni as of now, so i don’t know, do i? Not many of us have planned out how we want to live our lives, and for those who have (or are currently in the process of ironing out the little details) either have a goal, a dream they are rapidly closing in upon, or are very frustrated and unsure.

I’m scared because for me, the question of ‘Wie?‘ is one which isn’t easily answered. I’m spoilt for choice – see the earlier entries for something about that – and the fact that i can be almost anything gives me stress. How unusual, you say? On the contrary – of course i’d like a choice, but not a choice to be everything! And the saying that man kommt irgendwann an definitely applies to everyone – the thing i want to know is if i will be happy doing what i’m going to do…there’s no point in drawing $10k a month but being frustrated by red tape/cubicle warfare/office politics/your dowdy job/whatever else.

I’m also afraid because my way will not be easy. I’m stepping out from whatever i’ve learned in the sciences, embarking on a road to learn the arts. I was talking with reuben yestiddy and it dawned upon us that everyone expected us to go and study the sciences, since we appeared so good at it in JC. And i can probably say that if we were going to attempt the sciences, we’d probably do pretty damn well. Einfacher Studium, alles einfach. After all, didn’t the government say that Life Sciences were going to be the Next Big Thing? We came to the conclusion, however, that even if Life Sciences is the Next Big Thing locally, however, whatever our government is going to pump into the market is only fucking peanuts compared to what international pharmaceuticals are paying for R&D, like GlaxoSmithKline or maybe Bayer. We’ve been swindled again, but tell me what’s new?

The stink of it is? Well, all my dear ex-classmates reading Life Sciences now, the major stink of it is that to actually land a job where you will apply and use whatever you learned, you’d need at least a M.Sc., period. That’s not a Magister Scientarium. You’ll need a Master of Science to be a research assistant. The Bachelor degree has lost much value, especially in the sciences. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that means that if you think that you can get a well-paying job with your degree, in an area where you will apply whatever you’ve learned, you’ll need the following:

  1. An uncle in high places
  2. A lot of money to corrupt someone in a high place
  3. A lot of good luck
  4. To wake up and smell the rubbish

Unless you want to promote, but how many of you actually do want to promote to a M.Sc.? Or are you content to work as a lab assistant? Or maybe you will decide to make the big step and go into business with someone. You don’t need a business degree, mind you…get an MBA or something like that already.

Myself? Maybe i’ll give teaching a try – if MOE offers me what i want in a scholarship. I’ll come back and serve my bond, and once done with that, i’ll go back maybe to Germany or somewhere else to promovieren…hopefully after which i can lecture. If (read: IF) they let me take Philosophie as my 1.Hauptfach and maybe DaF or something else as my 2.Hauptfach or Nebenfächer. I don’t know why i’m so crazy about it so don’t ask me already. I don’t mind teaching, but if you ask me to go to a primary or secondary school to teach, then no, no thank you. Am i elitist? I don’t think so. But i don’t appreciate people not giving a fuck. I mean, of course they exist in JC as well, but its just that they’re not that prevalent. And i’d really rather not be teaching a science…i don’t know why. It just sounds really dry.

And yes, i do think there’s a demand for them. GP’s been replaced (for those who aren’t exactly tuned in/doesn’t have a relative who teaches) by something which goes something like Integrated Knowledge or something and well Philosophy is a core there. So…got tan chiak already? Heh. If got, then huat liao lor.

Big dreams? Maybe it’s all just a dream. But then again, who dares wins.

Die Frage ‘Wie?’. Traust du dich, diese Frage ehrlich zu beantworten?



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