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Men at Work, and Should You Drink that Love Potion? March 8, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

After the driving shenanigans of the past two days which finally saw me getting my license (HELL YEAH I DID IT!) i finally returned to the chemical plant for more hard and sweaty work. And what work it was! Today has got to be just about the most physical day of work i’ve had. Imagine carrying 25-kilogramme sacks of nickel (II) chloride, heaving it above your head, and then slamming it on the ground…i mean, of course it’s a good cure if you’re under a lot of stress, just got fired for embezzling, if your girlfriend just left you for your sister, or if someone scratched your 10-year-old car. But mark my word, it is, if anything, tiring. Fucking tiring, if i must say so. Man. And with the constant concern about contamination/blood poisoning/acid corrosion and so on, it’s really quite the handful.

But we still brought home the dough today, and that, my friend, is what’s important. Agreed? 50 quid is still better than nothing. And i’d rather be either 1) sweating my guts out at work or 2) depleting the glucose in my brain by reading than be lazing at home counting the hours. Or worrying about something i can’t do bollocks about now. But, oh well.

I was talking to samantha and she was lamenting her poor luck in her relationships. Not that she doesn’t get guys (i bet they flock to her like honey) but they tend to be very, very disappointing. A most unbefitting thing to happen to a girl like her, IMHO…but not that it has a whole lot to do with today’s kleine Lehre…it’s like an introduction to the main topic.

This talking to her about relationships gets me sometimes thinking. And for all of you who are thinking that trying to get into a relationship with a close friend is a good thing, please think twice before you drink that love potion! Although there are many plus points to it, you also run a huuuuuuge risk of terminating the friendship, period.

Plus Point 1: You (think) you know her well enough.

So you think you know her well enough, don’cha? Peachy keen for you, but think about this. It means that you will really have to know her that well, rather than just put on a show. You’ll have to figure out what she really wants. Think you’ve gotten that down on a piece of paper? And there also runs the risk that for every little thing you forget/fail to do, she will be all the more disappointed. Are you sure you want that?

Plus Point 2: You could be truly happy, because knowing her beforehand, you think she could just be the One!

If you make it in this category, you are one lucky bastard. ‘Nuff Said!Just watch yourself…if you ever break up, that could be the nail in the coffin for your friendship. And try not to implicate your common friends as best as you can…it’s difficult being a *mutual friend* as i’m sure you all know by now.

Minus Point 1: You take her for granted.

It’s all over. Just ask any close female friend. Has anyone ever come to you once, saying that the boyfriend took her for granted, that she isn’t even sure if he feels for her anymore…that she’s become the fool (again), and so on, and so forth…it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Things like not calling anymore, forgetting her birthday (which is a cardinal sin – Do Not Pass ‘GO’, Do Not Collect $200, you are going straight to HELL.) being unrealistic (like asking your gf studying in the UK if she wants to go to sunny Phuket for a holiday getaway! Yay!) – this all points in the direction of taking your partner for granted. If you think she’s going to be there forever, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee (and maybe get a boot in the gonads) – she will not. There’s a tolerance limits, gentlemen…don’t assume that just because you were close friends, she’s gonna accept more of your bullshit. That applies as long as you’re friends. That tolerance goes down to maybe negative 10000 when you get together. Remember that.

Minus Point 2: It complicates matters about a thousand-fold.

Great, you two are now happy lovebirds basking in the warm sunlight of love. But in the wise words of JJ, ‘our friendship ended ever since we converted from platonicity to bf-gf.’ So guys, please pay attention to this. If you don’t want your relationship to crash and burn, and your common friends to answer the call to arms and take sides of WWIII, you better get married. Or make your split as low-profile as possible (maybe you can break-up in the Antartica…like scream an avalanche upon yourselves…what a way to go!)

And lastly here’s a No-Go Situation for you to ponder.

Is the girl of your dreams telling you 10001 secrets, to which you are sworn to secrecy? Does she tell you a lot more than what she shares sometimes with her own friends? Then you are in trouble. You’re now her 姐妹…you’re now her sister already…so, all the best la, huh…HARHARHAR…




1. JayJay - March 8, 2006

JayJay is good… JayJay is wise… and ~ahem~ unattached too.


2. guojun - March 8, 2006

yeah. give that man a cigar! HAHAHA…JJ is tall dark n handsome…just overlook his thunder thighs and he is 100% top-grade shit! AYE.

3. JayJay - March 9, 2006

damn. its always the thighs. haha

4. The Truth - March 9, 2006

yeah always the thighs. work it, baby! HAHA.

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