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Give That Man…err…ME a Cigar! March 7, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Thank Goodness.

Ich habe meine Fahrprüfung bestanden!!! *squeals and does a twirl in the air* OMGWTF i am so fucking relieved that it’s all over. I guess the mentality of ‘taking it easily, but not taking it easy’ really works. Okay, okay, so my heart was thumping with trepidation at the very beginning, but i guess as i carried on my fears began to evaporate. Thank goodness my testor wasn’t that much a fucker like the last one.

So i ended up with ten points, but i got eight more for turning at a flashing green arrow…i mean, like, hello, i can’t bloody stop already can i?! But oh well. 2 points also pass. 18 points also pass. 20 points then jialat what! So…yeah, great news! I CAN FUCKING DRIVE NOW! Well, i could drive before, but now i’m legally allowed to do so. HARHARHARHAR…

So hell yeah, give me a cigar already. (Although smoking is bad for you…) A cause for celebration man…even more so caz i’m going to get the car this weekend! HARHARHAR…watch out roads/jaywalkers/fuckerstaxi drivers…here i come! Nah, really. Flunking the first time has made me more aware of what i have to do, i suppose…became more focused on safety and well, i still don’t feel like the King of the Roads despite the euphoria. That’s good. In a very good way. HAHAHA!

I’m just happy that it’s over…March is becoming a golden month for me. Samantha‘s home, i passed my driving test, ORD(!!! HOOOOOOOAH!!!) and generally everything’s turning a nice rosy shade. Man soll aber nicht alles rosa sehen…oh well. I’m trying not to let too many things get me down this time. Not anymore. There’s only one way, and that’s forward.

I was still almost scaring myself shitless yesterday…you know how when you suddenly have time to reflect you just start to get so.damned.worried about whatever can go wrong, about Murphy’s Law, and about the ignominy of failing again. Luckily i had new CDs to listen to, which i unpacked/attacked like a child let loose in a candy store. Blasted Die Frage Wie by laith al-deen, Ich bin Ich (Wir sind Wir) by rosenstolz, Dick This! by dick brave and the backbeats, and Telegramm für X by xavier naidoo. I tell you, those songs are godly. Well, some of them, that is…but still. They helped to take my mind off the test.

I then read some stuff from Germany. OMG…there’re so many prerequisites for any one subject! I mean, of course i can still crossover to the arts, but it’s gonna need a lot of initiative and hard work. Perhaps i shot myself in the foot by doing the sciences…i don’t know. Philosophy, anyone? I mean…if i’m gonna take it, of course i’ll have to dedicate myself to studying the general history of European philosophy, religion and languages, and such. Well…maybe it’ll be worth it in the end?

At the most i can try to promovieren and then go lecture. There’s good dough there. I’m not gonna be like reuben or kelvin and say i’m gonna make my first million by 30. Das ist mir Wahnsinn. It doesn’t mean that i don’t ask a lot of myself, that i’m an underachiever, or whatever else; let’s please be realistic okay? I want a five-figure sum by the time i’m 38. That’s twelve years after i grad, or ten if i promote directly (and that’s if someone wants me to stay and promote. IF i’m that damned good. That’s a huge ‘if’…like font-size 512 maybe…)

Well, if we make a million by the time we’re 30, i’m not going to mind one bit. So hell yeah…sometimes i wonder if it’s wise at all to limit our subjects so soon. I mean, of course, it’s up to us for our combinations, but i guess that it’s kinda bad here, dass wir uns selbst in den Schubladen stecken…aren’t we closing off our own choices? Well, let’s not blame the system, although it plays a big part in this. Let’s blame our lack of Aufgeschlossenheit. Thank goodness i took German instead of Physik. I would’ve regretted it like Hell. It opened my eyes a tad…

But the problem with opening your eyes just a little means that you see very little, and then you blame your surroundings, you blame everything but yourself that you saw so little. The proportion of people in this World who have their eyes wide open are sadly, only a very small proportion. They are people who know a lot, but who know that their knowledge is limited. They are truly wise people who never blame their surroundings for what they perceive they lack. Sadly, i’m not one of them.

Bah. I passed driving, so give me a break already. Give me a cigar!

Auf den Führerschein wartend…kann ich es kaum mehr ertragen…



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