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OMGWTF! | Samantha ist wieder da! March 6, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

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OMGWTF. I don’t believe it. The person involved is the self-proclaimed Son of Lucifer. (i have a feeling someone’s going to Hell for this…) and also attributes so many titles to himself. I, personally, prefer calling him Lord of the Flies. HAHAHA.

Take a look at his MSN message. I wonder if he’s been made to see the light. Or maybe he really has converted…Or as it goes, whenever Lucifer/any minion serving the Prince of Darkness does something like this, he always has a master plan…i wonder what it is this time. Perhaps he’s trying to snag some hot chick…so…

Well, i had one hell of a belly laugh at first, but after awhile, it stopped being funny. Especially when he changed the message to another one exhorting The Guy Upstairs. I don’t feel it’s funny caz 1) he doesn’t mean it and 2) he’s an atheist with a capital A. You don’t see me going around carrying a sign saying ‘keep God out of Orchard Road’ or whatever…everyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs, and i personally feel that believing in someone, anyone, is better than having no one to believe in.

Ladies, this is a public service announcment. This person is very very dangerous. You are advised to call the Ghostbusters if you encounter him. If you tackle him yourself, you are probably dancing with the Devil. Do not pass ‘GO,’ do not collect $200. You are going STRAIGHT TO HELL where you’ll have to roll maybe 10000 doubles to get out. And there’s the saying ‘a gambler’s chance in Hell’ to contemplate.


On another note, samantha is finally home. I got to meet her today for lunch…and well i was kinda surprised that she lugged so much stuff all the way for me…i was kinda touched, (and yes, i told you i was going driving. I still really appreciate it, anyway…) caz i thought i would be going over to her place to get the goods…but anyhoo. She’s looking great, i tell you!

I’ve got so much to ask her…especially regarding my applications…what to do, what NOT to do, short-cuts, etc…

I’ve also got to go out with her tons! Not that i’m whining (who would, actually?!) but it’s like…i HAVE TO before she goes away again. I keep missing the times i used to share with her in the past…times when we had so many things to talk about, times when she was around, times when we confided so much in each other, times when she tried to kick my ass just so that i’d wake up my idea, times when we didn’t have to talk to understand each other, times when her hand felt just right in mine, times when her eyes danced whenever she laughed…

Every time she goes away, i feel like something’s missing. Physical closeness? The knowledge that her voice is but a phone call away? I don’t know. I miss her so much at times i can’t describe it…and it’s bad…we’re growing apart, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Either way, i love you, jie, so let’s not be strangers k?

Damn. I miss those times. Sometimes i find myself living on memories, während alle andere schon längst fort sind. Time to move on, perhaps…



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