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The ORD Treat March 5, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

So we were all at dbl O last night. Boss’ ORD treat.
And HELL YEAH did we whack him! HAHAHAHAHA…And ok ok melvyn i’ll give you the credit because you jio-ed us. Too bad that you’re not exactly Mister Retro huh. So kudos to melvyn and boss for 1) taking initiative and 2) being generous!

Marc has a point in that you really got to get sufficiently high to hit the dancefloor. Thinking back to the last time i was at DXO, i wasn’t even half-high yet. So yeah…wasn’t crazy enough yet. And it was R n’ B! OMG. That, IMHO, is a bad formula for me. Throw in a sauna-esque environment and you have it made. I can’t say i had a ton of fun that time. So yes, boss got us all 5 jugs for starters, and with the liberal passing around of fags (yes, melvyn, the 5 bucks thing still stands) and a few more shots later, we hit the dancefloor.

Unfortch, because we were a huge gang of pre-ORD personnel, we didn’t have no ladies! So, as you can probably expect, there was a lot of skirt-chasing…but in the end, marc managed to get us 2 ladies…so well yeah. Good dancing man…add that to retro music (stuff which you know the lyrics to about 99% of the songs so it becomes a big singalong…HAHAHA it was like you could party at your own house this weekend, because Class 95 is having an All 80’s Weekend, anyway so yeah. Bummer.)

I’ll admit it right now that retro/old-skool is my thing. Maybe i was just high.

The best part? I’m not hungover this morning! Waking up feeling like a champion. Hawhaw…

So, guys, when are we treating boss back?

Oh…and for the full lowdown, hop over to this webbie…www.clublife.blogspot.com!



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