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Dream, and go read The Sandman. March 1, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Okay, alle.

I’ll admit…i’m a fan of The Sandman!

Really, you all should read it. Stories which are dark yet beautiful, which will grab you by the collar and take you through the Realm of Dreams, and introduce you to its ruler: The Prince of Dreams, The Weaver, Morpheus, The Sandman, or, better known to his dysfunctional family as Dream. What does he do? Isn’t it obvious by now?

Dream‘s responsibilities, basically, are to regulate the world of dream and to serve the dreamers of the world. He creates dreams from nothing but pure imagination, has a library of each and every dream, and rules over all his creations – be they places, monsters, people, or faeries. He sees to it that none of those who wander the Dreamtime come to harm – well, physical harm, at least, while at the same time administering his realm, seeking out stray dreams, or those dreams who have deserted his realm, bringing them back under his control.

Dream is not allowed to take the life of any who dreams save under one condition: that this person is a dream vortex. It’s a bit hard to explain here, but a dream vortex is one particular person who has the ability to merge dreams all together into such a huge, dreaming mass that it collapses in on itself, causing much ruination to the Dreamworld. It is, therefore, his responsibility to see to it that this does not happen.

He is, however, able to punish those who tread on his toes or infringe the rules of the Dream Realm: dreams have been unmade, and dreamers have been afflicted with the curse of Eternal Awakening, in which one has a nightmare and awakens, only to find himself in another worse nightmare still…

His accoutrements are, namely, a pouch of mystical sand which mysteriously never runs out (not that you’d ever get the drawstrings open, anyway) and a mask, which is also his symbol of office, and also a sigil with which the other members of his family may summon him.

Often in consultation with his elder sister, Death, when things go wrong or get complex. Is normally more closely aligned to the abovementioned and his eldest brother, Destiny, rather than to his younger siblings, who try to use their machinations to trap their elder brother.

Death is one of The Endless, a [very] dysfunctional family of immortals who have existed before the Earth was born, and who will be around after the last vestiges of life have ceased to be. In a modern way of saying it, they are the backstage crew, people who serve the actors by providing them various vital services, just that this crew are immortals serving the great theatre known as Life. One wanders the gardens of Destiny carrying a book which has everything, past, present, and future, written on it; One wanders the mortal realm, showing herself only to those who about to transcend the barrier of death; One is the heart of all desire; Another lives in the heart as well, but is the voice of despair you hear every once in a while when you look in a mirror; One more has long since lost her sanity; And you know what Dream does already.

I don’t know why, but the tales and the very concept of having Dream enthralls me. It’s like…i never saw it that way, how bout you? Many of us don’t remember our dreams, and many of our dreams don’t make sense. What if one day, in your dreams, you came across a thin, pale man wearing clothes of black and a helmet, carring a magic pouch? Would you then know that you’ve come across the ruler of the kingdom which you’re exploring now? To some, he is a blessing, a sanctuary where they can for once, feel safe and protected, where they can dream of castles in the sky and of all the candy floss in the world. But for others, the Dreamtime is Hell. They awaken, screaming, with their bedclothes drenched in sweat, yet one could ask them what they dreamt about and they wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Many of us feel that dreams are just figments of an over-productive mind at night. But maybe you could take a step back and re-think all this. I mean, if you can’t change all the little facts of life, you might as well make them your fantasies…and you never know if they are fact or fiction.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt up in your philosophies.’


P.S. If your birthday is on February 29th, happy birthday. No, you’re not forgotten.



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