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Wir sind krank, ein Arzt ist aber nicht zu finden February 28, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I’ve been reading the newspapers lately and i’ve come to the conclusion.

The system has made us ill, and there’s no doctor/cure for it.

I’m becoming more and more disgusted, especially when reading the forum. It’s a place where people, your ordinary man-in-the-street/bus/MRT/kopitiam/etc come to air their views. And from some of the letters, their ignorance becomes painfully obvious. And i mean painfully. It’s like i feel sorry for them because they know so little, and yet they want to flaunt their ignorance in public.

There was this mother who just annulled the [unspoken] doctor-patient confidentiality agreement in announcing in the Forum her daughter’s condition, just to find out why she was charged 80 quid. I mean, all’s fine and well with that, but if you really wanted to know, you could just ask at the counter, you know. Why? Is it too paiseh to do so? Or did you feel that by airing your grieviances on the Forum you’d get everyone in the medical service to reduce their charges? And all you did was to fall flat on your face, IMHO.

There are also people who write in to talk about going-ons around my block, my son’s school, etc etc; people writing in to complain about their sons having to wake up at 0600 every morning even though he goes to sleep at 2030 the night before. It’s bordering on absurdity. I mean, sure, you’re concerned and all, but didn’t you wake up at 0600 to go to school before? Aren’t all your son’s friends doing pretty much the same thing? Then why aren’t they complaining? There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting up early in the morning to go to school/work…and yes, looking tired at 6 in the morning is normal too. Don’t believe me? Go and ask all the schoolboys/girls waiting at the bus-stops at 0615 every morning if they’re tired.

And the trivial nature of things which appear in the Forum! They’re…amusing, to say the least because i read them and guffaw at how some people think. It’s difficult for Singapore to become a truly integrated society if there are people who are products of the elite school education, and people who write in to the newspapers about trivialities all day, like ‘so-and-so is leaking in my block, faulty sub-titling ruined a movie for poor old me, yadda, yadda.’

And the best part?

To substantiate their arguments, many include rhetoric, perhaps in an attempt to make them sound more educated. Sometimes it works; but sometimes it shows how shallow their understanding of the topic really is. It shows sometimes that they have failed to take into consideration the actual situation, only seeing things from their man-off-the-street viewpoint.

Let’s take, for example, the latest exchange regarding the turning away of patients just when any clinic is about to close. Of course, the doctor-on-duty has the right to turn away anyone who comes like, 5 minutes before the place closes, but it is up to his/her discretion if he wants to see any emergency cases. Don’t use the rhetoric that a doctor’s duty is to save lives – it is, of course, true, but you have to take into account the circumstances. When faced with one Herzinfarkt patient v.s. 10 patients down with the flu, who would he/she save first?

And it’s also very possible that 9 out of these 10 flu patients suddenly decided that ‘i want to go on medical leave tomorrow.’ There are symptoms, my darlings, and if you procrastinated in coming to the doctor, perhaps you never should have in the first place. Lastly, they, too are human.

This little shenanigan shows the average stuff which you see in the Forum every day. It’s a reflection of a society which has been so over-protected and well taken care of that every little thing is an issue worthy of bringing up to the Forum. We’re becoming machines who zero in on the slightest error and then who hold it up proudly in the air like a flag, shouting ‘HEY! I found this.’ The Forum has become a place to defame people, it seems. People who write in tend to sound as if they’re currently suffering from either verbal haemorrhoids or are currently having a fit of rage. And that they’re just writing about little everyday things really show how picky we’ve become. We should become a society which can accept more things as they are, instead of relying on the universal complaint to get things done (which normally doesn’t work anyway.)

Of course, there are other articles worth reading: concern over medicines which are available over-the counter, West v.s. East, things like that are still worth reading. It’s always good to gain someone else’s viewpoint. And although i don’t like to sound oh-so-high-and-mighty, it’s also good to get some laughs from some other articles. I also recommend reading Insight. There’s a forum made up of many articles from the global press detailing, discussing and analysing what’s happening around the World. Yes, Singaporeans, there is a world out there too, you know.

Neu um 14 Uhr: Bei dem rs2-Mann-Frau-Duell haben die Männer wieder verloren. Schade! Ist aber kein Wunder, denn all die schwere Fragen wurden an ihnen gestellt! Was heisst ‘blanchieren’? Wie könnte man sich die Bedeutung dieses Verbes sofort denn ausdenken?!



1. Sam - February 28, 2006

I hate to break it to you, but Singaporeans are not the only ones who do this. And yes, you do sound like an arrogant bastard. Excuse the bluntness. Do you realise that society’s way more complex…made up of people who have different worries? You can’t have a society full of “My dream is to change the world” people. I admit, some of the stuff you brought up is laughable…but there are many reasons for this. Maybe people are focusing on these “silly” problems because they know they don’t have the power to control the “big issues”. You can’t blame them for it. It’s only natural to focus on your natural environment. It’s about personal survival. Don’t think that when you leave Singapore, you’ll automatically find people who are open-minded and intelligent. You’ll only be kidding yourself.

That said, however, you did make some good points. Still, don’t be the ignorant one. No matter where you go in the world, you’ll discover that not everyone is interested in world politics and such. It’s not just Singaporeans.

2. Sam - February 28, 2006

By the way, I’m sorry if I sound angry or whatever. I just don’t like to hear Singaporeans being accused of something that is a universal occurence. I’m not saying Singaporeans are perfect…but then again, no one is…so don’t be so hard on them ok?

I’m gonna get your DSH book today…

3. JayJay - February 28, 2006

the Forum was the first section i read in newspaper when i first started out in pri school. i can say that while more and more average readers have been voicing out (rather than the familiar names), it has been largely misused or abused nowadays.

it gives me an impression that the customer care departments in most local organisations are mostly defunct.

4. guojun - February 28, 2006

Sam: Yeah, i know that i can sound like a fucker sometimes. I just talk that way (not as if it’s the first time you’ve read me) and i do know that people outside aren’t going to be more intelligent or whatever but i just want to say what i feel bout things here, because here is all i have. And well, i hope it’s not offensive enough to earn me a place in mosthatedblogs.sg or come under governmental surveillance. Sigh. And thanks for the book…good luck for your ZP!

JJ: it seems they are. they like to pass the arrow though.

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