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The Cult of ORD February 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

The Cult

and so prayed the worshippers for a better era to dawn upon them. Or for their pink I/C to rise again.



1. JayJay - February 27, 2006

they look so… … eager.

2. guojun - February 28, 2006

who wouldn’t be? *blinks*

3. Garrick - March 3, 2006

Hi sir….. Thanks for the ord gift you gave me
Hope that you can be a bit more sensitive … esp in this pic… the pic is from chc……

4. guojun - March 5, 2006


i’m sorry for this ‘ORD gift’…it’s not easy to find a balance between being commonsensical and following the book to the word. The simple fact is that since i already issued a warning, i couldn’t very well eat my words, and when it comes to ammunition of all forms, they are VERY SENSITIVE issues…i don’t know, however, if BSM increased the punishment or anything like that. please try to understand. and well…

I will, however, KIV the picture thing. LTA Forest sent it to me, but that’s besides the point. I guess it’s also a bit insensitive because we’re ORD-ing and you guys still have quite a ways to go. Hang in there, and…Thanks! Your batch (excluding maybe Chun Wee) are just about the best men a commander could wish for.

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