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Charlize Theron, November and Emo Trips February 26, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I was watching Sweet November just now on Channel 5 when some things struck me, namely,

  1. Charlize Theron is a goddess.
  2. I am prone to emo attacks.
  3. I could be a hopeless romantic too.

Well, number 1 is already a fairly well-known fact…so let’s move on to 2 and 3!

Sigh. I don’t know if it’s just my lonely self pining for companionship. How pathetic it sounds, but this movie just left me open to an emo attack at the ending, when she says that November is over…oh my goodness i just thought if i were fucking Keanu Reeves (har, har) i would’ve just keeled over and like died. It’s like…if there was a self-help guru like that, i’d like sign up immediately man…but if it was all about falling madly in love with her only to discover that she was dying…*sigh* yes, life isn’t perfect. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

She counts her life from month to month because helping people is all that keeps her together…never could she bear to see someone suffer because of her. But i guess it’s just her way of dealing with what’s eating her. If only there were that many people in the world. I think that if i get cancer, i’ll probably become totally resigned to my fate. and not like think about how i make the most of whatever i probably have left. It’s a refreshing way of thinking though – cancers have gone into remission because of a lifestyle/attitude change (though i wouldn’t bet good money on it to work alone) and imagine the people alle Couleur (Ed: from all walks of life) you actually get to meet and improve!

I still can’t fathom the reason why i became so emo about the whole movie. It’s funny and intelligent, not your average chic flick, and maybe it’s because she must’ve worked a minor miracle or something to change him so. The magic is that you can actually see the changes happening, but it’s so subtle that you have to actually review the movie after you’ve seen it. Although the rich fuckers probably will have nothing to do with such a so-called ‘rest cure’ it’s a refreshing break of a movie.

Maybe it’s because at the ending, she begged him to let her go, even though they both loved each other so, and much as he hated it, he did. What a good man. Sigh. I wish i could be someone like that…knowing when to let go and when not to. It’s a skill which is getting lesser and lesser practice with each passing day. Exempli gratia, who would let a girl like Charlize Theron go?! But think. Would you let your loved one(s) go if he/she begged you to do so? Even if you both love each other oh so deeply? Sigh…

I’m just too complicated for my own good.



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