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A Disturbing Lack of Diplomacy February 21, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

I think a lack of diplomacy runs in my family.

So there i was, happily coming home with the day’s wages after a day’s work when reuben called. This maggot dude actually went to Alliance Française to register for French at A1 (which means beginner) level. I’m at Goethe with C2 (das bedeutet doch was, oder? Ein Quereinstieg in der Oberstufe, ohne eine Eignungsprüfung zu schreiben!) okay i shall stop blowing my trumpet. Anyhow, coming back to the story, i was to meet him for dinner.

So i got home and ran into my parents. I thought i’d have a short but feel-good talk with them ’bout my day and all. But when i told my folks that i couldn’t find a slot to drive this week they were like going all bonkers and shit. You know, like OMGyoucan’tfindadrivingslotsoyou’regonnadieeeeee and all that. And i was saying like how i wanted to take an off day so i could go back to NJ in the morning and drive in the afternoon and all when they reminded me very promptly that driving should be my top priority, not my part-time job, not visiting my teacher, etc.

As if i didn’t know that. Just because i’m not going for daily practices (which is, IMHO not very worth it) doesn’t mean i’m fuck caring it. Jeez.

And then when i tried to explain, my poppa comes in and says ‘at the rate you’re going, i don’t think you’re going to make it!’


If you want to curse me, fine. If it’s because i drive like shit on automatic transmission cars, that’s fine too. But if you’re gonna say this just caz i was trying to explain something nicely, BALLS TO YOU. I held back just because you’re my father. Goodness.

But i must admit that i drive like shit. That’s exactly why i’m looking for bookings anyway. It’s just that YOU DON’T SEE IT. You just assume i’m going crazy earning my money and all. What do you want me to be?! Staying at home boring myself out of my wits and just going for one hundred minutes of driving every day?!

I’m not going to waste such money and time. I’m bored enough as it is already. Once a week this week is fine. D’oh. And you didn’t have to be so nice and be brutally blunt to me, you know. I’m not like a fucking wastrel who’s spending your driving funds on fags and whores. Luckily i was going out for dinner already. Goodness. If i stayed home my house could’ve become a pile of rubble. Yeah, yeah. The Great Family War I.

And this disturbing lack of diplomacy. It runs in the family. I can shoot off my mouth at any time. I can offend people. It doesn’t mean that i can’t talk well, i can be smooth if i want to, just that i’m normally not. I’ve always wondered where it originated, but i never considered it important. I guess i have some kind of idea now.

And for reuben: good luck with A1. And repeat this mantra: i hate grammar! And for all you ex-LEPers, wir hassen Grammatik!



1. Sam - February 22, 2006

How can you hate grammar? It’s the best thing that exists! Well, not LINGUISTIC grammar though…but it’s nice to have little rules to stick to. It makes life so much easier to see things in perspective! Long live grammar!

2. JJ - February 22, 2006

well… i am finally taking my driving lessons caz mum nags n nags n nags about how guys Must Be Able To Drive. oh and did i mention that my final theory expires this september… and oh i did my basic in JC 2… haha…

3. Sam - February 22, 2006

I got you the Rosenstolz CD…

4. guojun - February 22, 2006

samantha: Amen to grammar then =) i don’t know…it becomes fun once you understand it’s a machine though. hehheh. And thank you so much for the CD! i can’t wait for you to come home…i haven’t seen you in ages!

JJ: heh…good luck? don’t worry lah. as long as your testor isn’t a cock, you’ll make it.

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