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I just got hired! February 20, 2006

Posted by The Truth in Im Allgemeinen.

Yes, you got that right, ihr alle da draussen.

I (yes, I with a capital letter,) have a job now! HAHAHA! Admittedly, it’s only menial work, and yes, we do get paid from day to day, but still. it.is.a.fucking.job. And i’m pretty happy to bring back 50 quid a day, knowing that i sweated (yes literally sweated) for it.

What’s my job entail? I’m helping eng chok to move, package, and basically prepare chemicals in a warehouse. It’s not exactly back-breaking work, but anyone who thinks we’re slacking should get a boot jammed up his ass. Oh, and if any of you fellow comrades are reading this, yes, the Deep Heat cure works. I recommend the Mentholatum brand. Hahaha…

I’m having fun, and it’s not at all as monotonous as sven described it, because i’ve got a great group of people to work with, namely eng chok, yang wee and wai chong. Well, at least they’re all Channel 8 people so it’s quite fun to use Mandarin and destroy each other. Maybe it’ll be more fun with some ang mor pai people around, so we can test their English (just like how forest and yours truly tested melvyn, who failed with flying colours. HAHAHA) Aye. I mean, this is way better than the Army, i suppose. I can’t stomach the idea much of twanging in the office now…even though like everyone expects us to try and find a comfy relaxing job somewhere. And yes, i don’t even feel like wanting to fag so much. And that’s awesome.

I can’t stand it, however, when people ask me, not if i ‘m looking for another job, but if this job is actually befitting my calibre. Let me teach all of you a lesson, children…

THERE IS NO FUCKING JOB UNBEFITTING ANYONE. You can be under-qualified for a job, but you can never be over-qualified. I’m doing it and i’m happy! That’s what’s important, not ensuring that you’ve got some face left behind or not. Bah. Maggots, all!



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